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Why would home shoppers look on a foreclosure website like ushud.com to find a home. The majority of people if asked would say price. Not only does uhsud.com showcase every home including foreclosures and HUD homes but also we do it for completely free. When we launched in 1999 we knew one thing that was never going to change. While foreclosure sites were popping up left and right charging their consumers access to foreclosure information we knew deep in our hearts that this information should be free to the public. From that day forward we knew that the site is going to stay free forever.

When shopping for anything online people usually have one main goal. They want the process to be easy and save money while doing it. Ushud.com is a great resource to educate new homebuyers on the home buying process as well as save money on the most import purchase in their life. We receive countless email and messages from numerous social avenues that that us for helping them with their home shopping experience or linking them us with an experienced professional.


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